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We can cut all British standard shapes, sizes and angles of special shaped bricks, these can be cut from basic stock or wire cut bricks. Some types of bricks are better for this process than others and give far better results. These come from bricks that are well-made, of a regular size that is sand faced with a frog. The only limit to this is the size of the outer face of the brick.

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brick cutting services

Brick Cutting Services We Provide

Brick Cutting at Robin King Architectural Products, we don’t just provide a brick cutting service we offer all manner products and services. Our brick cutting products range from bricks, blocks, prefabricated arches, interiors and exterior cladding systems, grp products, stone, marble, travertine and sandstone.

Brick Matching

Brick Matching is part of our client services. Whether you are building your own extension at home or a builder who is building a client’s house, we can help not just with brick matching but also the sourcing and supply of bricks.

Brick Cladding

Brick Cladding is getting more and more popular due to modular and eco houses that are being built all over the UK. The brick cladding systems we offer are designed for self-builders and professional builders. Brick cladding comes in a variety of ways e.g. Brick Cladding Panels, backing boards with loose brick slips and GRP lightweight systems.

Source Any Brick

We can source any brick type depending on availability, normally with fast lead times.

We have a network of brick manufacturers and merchants across the UK that we have built up great relationships with over many years.

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Brick Cutting Methods

Brick Cutting Services

Using our experts brick cutting solution has never ever been much easier.

Brick Cutting, with a thorough range of BS basic BS standard profiles along with even more bespoke forms. We pick up from your site, swiftly and effectively cut to shape, then after that are supplied back to your site.

This technique has actually boosting popularity, as it is a reputable alternative to traditional on-site cutting by saving both time and for that reason reducing prices.

 Standard forms from brick cutting:

  • Angle: Including External, Internal canine leg as well as squint
  • Cant: Single and dual cant
  • Plinths: Internal headers, stretchers, long and also short returns
  • Bonding: Headers, bats as well as closers
  • Coping: Standard, half rounds, saddleback and bullnose
  • Soldier: Returns, solitary cant finishes & pistol soldiers

Any brick can be reduced to develop a brick slip, this is a sensible choice to utilising complete blocks and also can be applied in the traditional method or adhered in place making use of epoxy resin.

Cut and also Bond Brick Cutting:

Blocks can be reduced to any type of shape then bonded with each other providing an unlimited range of design and styles. When producing bespoke plinths, angles as well as returns as well as more complicated as well as ornate functions, this is particularly prominent.

Cut and Reface Brick Cutting:

Brick Cutting blocks will certainly often be betrayed by a synthetically smooth face. This can be eliminated by re-facing the block utilising a strong epoxy material adhesive as well as original block dirt. The brick cutting results of this are a best finish that will assimilate with the un-cut blocks.

brick cutting

ALSO; With a massive range of brick faced prefab arches

Very easy to use and gives you a great choice to traditional “loose arches”. Can be made from a standard brick, slips are cut to shape, then bonded to the pre-manufactured arch shape or structure. These are offered as either a structural or lightweight choice.

Structural Arches– Supplied as standard sizes or as bespoke designs our arches are manufactured using concrete and steel, this removes the need for secondary lintels rendering them fully load bearing.

This easy and quick method not only reduces wastage of materials but can dramatically cut production time.

Lightweight arches– This option represents a more cost effective solution to employing the use of arches as decorative features. Available in both standard and tailor made formats, these can be used in conjunction with a hidden lintel to offer strength and support. Ease of use and quick production times have been a major factor in this products increasing popularity.

When pointed on site, all arches are supplied with clean joints ensuring a consistent colour and finish.

Brick Cutting